100+ BEST Love Quotes in English With Images

Love is that affectionate feeling we all want to spend our lives with. Love gives us the kind of happiness and joy we crave with every single breath. It’s no surprise why people always say “you can’t buy love.” Love is an emotion that only your heart feels, and many of these quotes will leave you absolutely spellbound with how amazing it can make you feel.

Here are 100 of the best Love Quotes in English With Images that will help you show your partner just how much you care

My problem is heart
and solution is you.

Every time i see you
I fall in love all over again.

Every night in my dreams
 I see you, I feel you.

You’re not just you, 
you’re a part of me too.

Romantic love quotes

The best moment of my life, 
when you said you love me too.

Hand in hand. You & me.
Today, tomorrow, forever.

I would take every risk 
to be with you baby.

I am in you and you in me, 
mutual in divine love.

I want to be your
last everything.

Time can be change everything,
But not my love for you.

True love quotes

Don’t make me an option,
When I’ve made you my priority.

Just seeing your smile
makes me feel better inside.

I can’t replace you because 
there is no one like you.

Baby, you are my teddy bear,
 I just want to hold you every time.

When you love someone, 
you don’t make excuses. 
You make time.

I don’t want much just your time, 
Your love, and you.

A million feelings all for 
just one person, that’s you.

Love quotes for men

I choose you and 
I’ll choose you every day.

I don’t care how complicated
 this gets I still want you.

The best love is the one 
you never saw coming.

I don't fall in love with faces
I fall in love with personalities

Love the one who loves you
Not the one whom you love

True love never dies
It's only gets stronger with time.

The journey is hard
But beautiful with you

Emotional love quotes

I don't need expensive gifts
I only need you, babe.

I really care for you and
I never want to lose you

Life is beautiful when
I spend every moment with you

Love when you’re ready,
not when you are alone.

Love can’t be found
Where it doesn’t exist.

I wish you could love me
the way I love you.

We are more than friends
but less than a couple.

Where there is the greatest love, 
there are always miracles.

Life isn’t long enough
 for love and art.

Whoever lives true life, 
will love true love.

Distance means nothing
when someone means everything.

She loves me or not
but I love her a lot.

I don’t even know
 why I like you. 
 But I just do.

I only want 3 things:
See you. Hug you. Kiss you.

Love is master key of opening
a gate of happiness.

I wont deny that I like you.
Neither would I admit.

Strong love quotes

Love her like you’re the worst.
Make love to her like you’re the best.

Love is the only thing
which makes you cry 
even more u laugh.

I shall love you till i take
my last breathe on EARTH.

The madness of love is the 
greatest of heaven’s blessings.

Nothing is impossible
 for pure love.

Inspirational love quotes

We fall in love by chance
but we stay in love by choice.

We fight like a married couple,
talk like best friends,
and flirt like first loves.

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