110+ Cool And Stylish Girls With Attitude

 Today's post is going to be very different. In this post we brought for all of you.  Cool And Stylish Girls With Attitude. This is the first post on our website which has been written on this topic. 

Today's post is especially for those girls. Today's post is specially for those girls who like to live in attitude. and fear no one.  So here you will get the most amazing attitude status for girl. 

I’m Born To Express, 
Not To Impress.

Be A Girl With Nature  
Be A Lady With Class, 
And A Bitch With Attitude.

I Am Who I Am And 
I Won’t Change For Anyone.

Sometimes I Need Expert Advice… 
So, I Talk To Myself.

You Have To Be ‘ODD’ 
To Be Number ‘ONE’.

To Eat Without Getting Fat, 
Sigh! Every Girl’s Dream ?

I Am A Billion-dollar Girl ?.

I Never Lose, 
I Either Win Or Learn.

Only A Strong Man Can Handle A Strong Woman.
 A Weak Man Will Just Say That She Has An Attitude Problem.

I Am Not Afraid To 
Walk This World Alone.

I Am A Good Enough Person To Forgive You.
 But Not Stupid Enough To Trust You Again.

In The Land Of Gods And Monsters,
 I Was An Angel.

Better To Be Strong Than Pretty And Useless.
You Will Search For Me In Another Person.
 I Promise. And You Will Never Find Me.

I’m Beautiful Coz God Makes No Mistakes.
Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.

Make Sure You Are As Picky With Men, 
As You Are With Your Selfies.

Sky Above Me, 
Earth Below Me, 
Fire Within Me.

Killing Em All With Kindness.

I Fervently Hope That You Look Beautiful 
Today, But Sorry, Not As Pretty As Me.

Look Into My Eyes, It’s Where
 My Demons Hide! WARNING: Don’t Get
 Too Close ’Cause It’s Dark Here Inside.

If You Like Me Then Raise Your Hands,
 If You Don’t. Then It’s Time You Raise Your Standards A Notch Higher.

If You Cannot Attract Them With Your Charms, 
Why Not Make Sure You Always Repel Them With Your Attitude?

Let Them Hate. Just Make 
Sure They Spell Your Name Right.

Surprised!!! I Just Saw The 
Most Smartest Person In The World Today, 
When I Was In Front Of The Mirror.

Spoil Me With Loyalty.
 I Can Finance Myself.

Don’t Talk, Act. Don’t Say, 
Show. Don’t Promise, Prove.

If It Makes You Happy
 It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense To Others.

I Won’t Cry For You. 
My Mascara’s Too Expensive.

Attitude Girl Quotes In English

Happiness Can Be As Simple 
As Finding The Perfect Shade Of Lipstick.

Dress Like You’re 
Already Famous.

Let Us Dance In The Sun, 
Wearing Wild Flowers In Our Hair…

Be The Dot On The
 Exclamation Point Of Life!

Don’t Trade Your Life For 
Just An Empty Hourglass.

Where The Loser Saw Barriers, 
The Winner Saw Hurdles.

The Hair Is The Richest 
Ornament Of Women.

Even If You Lose A Ray Or 
Two Of Your Star, Keep On Shining!

Life Cannot Be Perfect 
But Your Eyebrows Can Be.

It Is Not An Attitude, 
It Is The Way I Am.

The Only Person 
I Dress To Impress Is Me.

Whatsapp Dp For Girl With Quotes

I’m Not One In A Million,
 I’m One In 7 Billion.

Keep Your Heels, 
Head, And Standards High.

Once A Queen, 
Always A Queen.

Her Attitude Savage 
But Her Heart Is Gold.

When I Feel A Little Down
 I Put On My Favorite 
 High Heels And Dance.

Don’t Be Like The 
Rest Of Them, Darling.

Girly And Flirty
 To Edge And Chic.

I Don’t Run After Those 
Who Try To Avoid Me.

Everyone Is Unique In 
Their Own Little Ways.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Outnumbered,
 Eagles Fly Alone. Pigeons Flock Together.

Before you judge me, 
Make sure that you’re perfect.

Often, people who think highly of
 themselves are the ones who fall below than they can imagine.

The Weirder You Are, 
The More Fun You Will Be.

Mature By Mind, Kid By Heart,
Rude From Outside Caring From Inside.

Don’t Need Good Cloths
 to Show My Status,
My Attitude is Enough.

I am Happy Because
I Don’t Expect Anything
From Anyone.

Life is Better When 
You Don’t Care About People.

Do You Think 
I am Bad?
No Baby
 I am Worst.

I am Not a Second Option.
Either You Choose Me or Loose Me.

I am Odd Combination
Of Too Kind and Devil.

Don’t Cry,
No One Cares.

Go Where You Find Love
Stay Where You Get Respect.

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