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Life is not always full of reason to smile.
 But your smile itself is a reason
  for others to smile too.

When you arise in the morning, 
think of what a privilege it 
is to be alive, think, enjoy, and love.

Speak words that comfort others. 
Words have the power to both wound and heal.

Never expect the definition of life from others; 
it is your life; define it yourself.

Every morning brings you new hopes and 
new opportunities. Make it worth it!

The past cannot be changed, 
But the future is yet in your power.

We are never too old to become 
better versions of ourselves.

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Set goals that will make you 
jump out of bed in the morning.

Keep going. Each step may get harder, 
but don’t stop. The view is beautiful at the top.

Success Will Be Within Your Reach 
Only When You Start Reaching Out For It.

When You Make Someone’s Life

When Your Day Much Happier
 Than Before A Nice Day

When You Ready To Be A New 
Beginning Smile And Stay Healthy

When I Think I Am The First In The
 Good Morning And Also Say Good Night To Say

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When You Need To Dream For Victory 
In The Morning, It Leads To Success

"Your Character Should Smell Greater
 Than The Smell Of The Perfume." 

"Cowards Say Impossible, 
Legend Says I Am Possible." 

"Don't Hard Work To Prove, 
Hard Work To Improve." 

"Never Forget Your Dreams & 
Continuously Try To Complete Them." 

"Don't Ask For Success, 
Complete The Task For The Success." 

Good Days Doesn't Come Free, You Have
 To Fight With Bad Days Before Good Days. 

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"One Powerful Thinking Can 
Give You Anything Which You Want." 

"If You Want To Be Happy, 
So Start Believing In Yourself.

"There Are No Ways Of Happiness
Being Happy Is The Only Way."

Wake Up And Be Awesome.”

“Silence Isn’t Empty, 
Its Full Of Answers.

“Every New Beginning Comes
 From Some Other Beginning’s End.

“I Love The Smell Of 
Possibility In The Morning. 

Train Your Mind To See The
 Good In Every Situation.”

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“Everyday Is A Choice, 
Let’s Choose To Be Happy.

“Give Every Day The Chance To Become 
The Most Beautiful Day Of Your Life.”

“Think Positive, Stay Happy 
And Test Negative.” 

“It Always Seems Impossible Until
 It’s Done. Move Ahead And Finish It. 

A New Day, A New Blessing And 
A New Day Is Waiting For You.”

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Have A Beautiful Day Ahead!

“Start Your Day With A Smile 
And See How You Make

"Wishing A Great Day Ahead!"

Hope Your Day Is Filled 
With Joy And Happiness.”

“I Don't Need Paradise 
Because I Found You

“You Are My Sun On A Gloomy Day,
 Like A Lighthouse In A Stormy Sea

Wake Up! The Sun Has 
Risen And So Should You!

Here’s A Little Smile To Help 
You Go That Extra Mile!

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An Early Morning Walk Is 
A Blessing For The Whole Day

I Try To Start Every Day And End Every 
Day By Taking A Moment To Be Grateful

“Every Morning Is A Blank Canvas.
 It Is Whatever You Make Out Of It.”

Free Yourself From All Prejudices 
And Let Yourself Go On Sunday. 

“You Can Only Come To The 
Morning Through The Shadows.”

“It Is Never Too Late To Be 
What You Might Have Been.”

“She Believed A Cup Of Coffee 
 Marked The Beginning Of Each Day.”

“Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams! 
Live The Life You’ve Imagined.”

“Don’t Judge Each Day By The Harvest 
You Reap But By The Seeds That You Plant.”

"The Way To Get Started Is To 
Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” 

“I’ve Got Nothing 
To Say But It’s Okay, 

“The Next Morning Dawned 
Bright And Sweet, Like Ribbon Candy.

“I Like My Coffee Black 
And My Mornings Bright.”

“What Is Love? It Is The 
Morning And The Evening Star.”

“The Breeze At Dawn Has Secrets
 To Tell You Don’t Go Back To Sleep.”

“Lose An Hour In The Morning, And 
You Will Spend All Day Looking For It.”

“Morning Comes Whether 
You Set The Alarm Or Not.” 

An Early-morning Walk Is 
A Blessing For The Whole Day

Write It On Your Heart That Every 
Day Is The Best Day In The Year

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