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Often many people give a feeling of their self by sending good night messages to the people close to their heart before sleeping at night. By the way, you have also read many good night quotes till date And send it to the people. Many people write good night in text on Facebook or WhatsApp at night. So at the same time some people wish their near and dear ones by writing good night poetry or quotes. 

In a busy life, even if you are not able to talk much with your loved ones. But you send them good morning messages in the morning and good night messages in the Night and make them feel that.  that you still remember them.

Remember To Put Me
In Your Dreams And
Make That Dream INTENSE..
Good Night.

Enjoy Every Moment You Have..
Because In Life,
There Are No Rewinds.

Take a deep breath and sleep tight 
while dreaming of me. Sweet dreams.

Night Is To See The Dreams
And Day Is To Make Them True.
So Its Good To Sleep Now
And See The Dreams.

You are the best thing
 that’s ever been mine.

I am my beloved’s, and 
my beloved is mine.

Good Night, My Love.
I Hope You Have The
Sweetest Dreams Ever.

Distance unites missing beats 
of two hearts in love.

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: 
slowly, and then all at once.

good night love quotes 

Never Lose Hope.
You Never Know
What Tomorrow Will Bring.

“If I had to dream up the perfect woman, 
she wouldn’t even come close to you.”

Night has become painful for me. 
It brings to light the regrets of the day.

Better To Live One Year As A Tiger,
Than A Hundred As A Sheep.

How strange, to dream of you, 
even when I am wide awake. 

Age is a question of mind over matter.
If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

You’ll Never Leave Where You
Are Until You Decide
Where You’d Rather Be.

You never fail until
you stop trying.

Whatever brings you down,
will eventually make you stronger.

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Life Always Offers You
A Second Chance
It’s Called Tomorrow.
Good Night.

Everyone has a will to win
but very few have the
will to prepare to win.

Thanks to you sorrow
has no place in my life again.
There’s absolutely no one like you.
And there will never be anyone like you.

As The Night Gets Dark,
Let Your Worries Fade.
Sleep Peacefully Knowing
You’ve Done All You Can Do For Today.

Pearls don’t lie on the sea shore.
If you want one,
you must dive for it.

Opportunity dances with those
who are already on the dance floor.

Always End The Day,
With A Positive Thought.

Good Night
Tonight, I Would Walk A Thousand
Miles Just To Be With You. 
Missing You, My Love

Let This Amazing Night
Take You On A Ride
Of Beautiful Dreams.
Good Night.

Stars Night Stars Bright,
You Are The Only Star
I See Tonight


Never Fear Shadows, They Simply Mean
There Is Some Light Nearby

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Sleep Well And Dream Big.
For Tomorrow Is The Start
Of Something Great.
Good Night

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